OR Filters for Reports

I really need the ability to create reports using OR filters instead of just AND filters.  For example, we use fields like AC1 and AC2 when a contact has multiple accounts.  When I create a report, I want to be able to see if there are customers with values in either of those fields, not just one or both.

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I'm shocked this is even a topic. As stated, this is fundamental to reporting. Not sure I can justify sticking this out as our business gets bigger/more complex. Heck, I'd like to do some nested AND/OR logic to get exactly what I want from my reports (I think salesforce allows me to use parentheses to accomplish this function) - but I'll take a basic OR logic report...

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Definitely needed! 

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it is ridiculous that report building does not allow for "or" filter.  I need to create a report that shows all closed deals for multiple pipelines  

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I hope that this would be prioritized soon. I really don't understand why the OR modifier was left out of initial production. 

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This has been a request since 2017- Can somebody please provide an update on this- whether this is on the roadmap even. 

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Agree, please add this OR option to filter on your road map asap! This limits the value of reporting substantially!  

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Want to add my voice to this.


A critical reporting and filtering feature, and something you can do very well on Salesforce!

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This is vital for a reporting suite. 


Agree with all comments but adding +1

Basic and expected functionality