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OPT out of “NEW navigation bar”

The new bar is unwieldy and having to open and close it to get to where you want to go is a waste of time and requires extra steps. I prefer the old navigation and want to be able to "OPT OUT" 

It is disappointing that HubSpot will be getting rid of the old navigation system and not allow the option for users to choose which one they prefer. Changing such a fundamental feature, without providing the option to opt out of the switch. 

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Yes! This would be great for users who prefer the older nav menu. 


I would agree.  Burying the most common places we go in the left hand navigation is not ideal.  The fact that most of the real estate used in the left hand nav is for modules/apps we don't use on a daily basis is quite inefficient.


If others want the side nav bar that's fine.  But don't take away what has been working just fine!  Keep the original in tact.


@hubspot the new menu is garbage. Your efforts spent on destorying a perfectly good menu could have been used on important features like adding a DateTime field.  There's literally nothing good about the new menu. Please allow the option for us to keep the original menu as its UI was perfect. Listen to your customers. 


The new navigation bar is unwieldy, requiring extra steps to access key features, which results in a less efficient user experience. I strongly prefer the old navigation system and would appreciate an "OPT OUT" option. It's disappointing that the app is moving away from a familiar and streamlined interface without offering users the choice to stick with the previous layout. Changing such a fundamental feature without providing an option to opt out of the switch can be frustrating for users who value efficiency and simplicity in managing their banking needs.


@Sna819 Agreed! 💯


I could not agree more.  This navigation is in no way user friendly.  Menu bar on the side, having to hover over icons to see what they are, and the menus are not intuitive.... a design disaster.  I would love an option to opt-out. I am trying to avoid toggling back to the old version while it is still available, but finding it necessary to be productive.  



Ever since the new nav rolled out I'm not able to see the full width of a page. It's super frustrating to have contact's images and the buttons in the right panel out of view. I have to use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page to scroll back and forth to see all the content in either the left or right panels. I used to be able to see everything at once. Is there a way to resize the page?
I also find it very irritating that everytime my mouse roams to the left menu bar, it jumps out and obscures what I'm looking at on the page. I appreicate Hubspot wanting to improve things, but the new navigation makes it more difficult for me to see the things I need to be looking at. 


This was a horrible decision by the dev team to force paid users to adapt to a new user interface after years of building routine .  My job has gotten significantly more difficult because I can not find what I am looking for without digging through click after click.  PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!  why fix something that is not broken?  This update did nothing to add value to the existing product.


Agreed.  it's crazy that Hubspot is distracting business owners from running their business.


Hi everyone,


My name is Irina and I'm part of the navigation team. Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the refreshed navigation. We understand this is a big change and has been challenging for some of you. We genuinely want to learn more about what is not working so we can address these issues.


If you'd prefer a more direct conversation, please use this link to schedule a Zoom chat with me or share your feedback in-app by selecting "Share navigation feedback" under the account menu.


You can read about why we updated the navigation here and get a navigation walkthrough from the Knowledge Base guide.


Thank you for your patience and being an integral part of our community!


Yes, I want to opt-out.    The link to opt-out took me to this community page.  So....where do I opt out of this navigation bar here?  I do not want read why the change was made or look at the Knowledge Base and I do not what to book a Zoom meeting.  Please just give me a way to change back to the old way.


The main problem with this change is time.  Hubspot changed the interface on paid users which has created a signifcant amount wasted time in trying to relearn how to naviagate the CRM system.  Time is money.  Time is valuable to everyone who uses this system.  The main objective of CRM system is to save time and provide a resource that is easy to use when tracking customer engagement.  I speak for myself and I am sure there are plenty of users who sahre my sentiment that just dont have the time now to spend talking to Hubspot dev team on why the made these changes.  I know my time is better spent trying to figure out how to do my job now trying to relearn how to navigate hubspot with a new rountine after I built an efficent process over the last 3 years.  I have already spent to much time writing this message in a bottle hoping Hubspot changes it back and saves me the daily headache they have created.  Please change it back or at a minimum gives users the ability to choose.  I know that option exist.  The first week it was changed I reached out immedietaly to hubspot support and they helped me change it back.  For whatever reason you disabled that option and now force user to use this new interface.  Makes absolutely no sense.