Now that you have created folders in Workflows, etc...

So I just looked at the workflow folder feature you added – thank you. HOWEVER, it has been my pet peeve that HubSpot is not consistent across the board (lists, workflows, emails, etc.) and this is just one example.

For example:
• Lists – you can tell by looking at my list view if the list is already in a folder and where it is used
• Emails – cannot tell at all if any email is already in a folder or not, by looking at the email view 
• Files – Cannot tell at all if the file is already in a folder or not, by looking at the files view 
• Workflows - you cannot tell by looking at my workflow view if the workflow is already in a folder and where it is used

There is one thing you are consistent, in regards to folders, is when you select an email, workflow, file or list to move it, a window opens up with the available folders. However, the list of available folders is NOT in alpha order which makes it hard to find the folder you want.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @EMSAdmin , thanks for the feedback! Regarding Workflows, could you be more specific about what you mean? Do you mean you'd like to have the folder appear somewhere in the editor page or the page with the table of all workflows?


As for the sorting, I see what you mean. We sort by most recently updated right now but can look into what's more practical for our customers!

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So when I look at my lists view, i see what folder the list is in and where it is used. See screenshot:

This is very helpful information to have available right from my main list view.


If I look at the workflows view, i have no idea if the workflow is in a folder or not, so I end up doing things twice because I am not sure. See screenshot:

HubSpot Product Team

Right that makes sense. The design in Workflows is such that you would see the name of the folder if you were looking at that folder and its contents. The screenshot you have is of the "home" view so none of those workflows are part of a folder at all.


Here you see what all workflows that are in a folder called "Other" looks like:


Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 12.05.36 PM.png


However, I agree with you in that inconsistency across the product is not ideal. I will look into this.


I agree with all of the above, if a  organizational functionality is added at the List level I guarantee it's valid at all other areas of similar functionality (Lists, emails,workflows,forms etc) and they should be consistantlythe same! 



@zeke , agree with @EMSAdmin about the folder organization AND about the sorting issue.  While having them "sorted" by last used is sometimes helpful.  Alphabetical is much more usable.  Looking for something called Boondodggle that is in an unsorted list that may be anywhere in a listing of 30 or 40 + options is a real pain...



HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for the feedback, everyone, these are really helpful details that will help us improve the feature!


@KeyWestScott About the sorting issue, I'd love to hear more about this since we have users on both sides of the fence. On the one hand I see what you mean about trying to find Boondoodggle in a list if you haven't used that folder in a while (though I would expect the search bar to help in this case). The reason we implement sorting by last used is something like the following scenario. Now I want to preface it with the fact that this is only one of many scenarios we look at, so the more use cases we hear from you guys the better!


Say that you have the same 30 or 40+ folders and you need to move a flow to a folder called Zoo. Scrolling down would be a pain but you have to do it at least once (or maybe you use the search bar and find it right away). The second time you go add a flow to Zoo it would be at the top so you'd be saving a click; this assumes you are doing many move operations where finding folders in the dropdown quickly is important.


On the flip side, if we use sorting by name, you will never get the convinience of performing that second move operation right away as you'd have to search or scroll to the bottom again.


Our reasoning was that putting the most used items at the top would allow most users to immediatley find the folder they're looking for. Since it sounds like this isn't the case, it would be great to get more detail on other use cases where sorting by name would be advantageous over sorting by last used!

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I would prefer alpha order. For example, in our list folders, we have over 75 folders and right now the order is when they were created. This is problematic and takes time to try and find the correct folder. AND there is no search box.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi @EMSAdmin thanks for the comment! You actually helped us find a bug that is likely the cause of confusion here. It looks like you are correct in that the folders are in fact not sorted by "updated at" time but rather "created at" time which is not helpful, as you describe! I'm going to find a solution and fix this. Do you think that if the ordering was that of "last used folder at the top" it would make sense, like I describe in my previous comment?


As an FYI, there should be a search box when you're moving workflows into a folder. Please let me know if this is not what you're seeing!

The search bar should be the first thing that appears below the "Choose a folder or create a new one" labelThe search bar should be the first thing that appears below the "Choose a folder or create a new one" label

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If you do have them sort by "last used" please be consistent (lists, workflows, emails).Also include a search bar.

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Absolutely agree with you there. Getting a consistent experience for all Listing pages is an important usability improvement task! Especially making sure there are search bars on all the folder features.

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It would be great to be able to see a "folder view" only like you can do with lists. The toggle switch is really useful. It is available for emails and lists but not workflows. 

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Tottaly agree. If something is in a folder you should be able to see the folder name in the list view. For example, workflows - can't see if it's in a folder already from the top level list. 

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It would be really helpful, if you could realize an insert of an additional a column that includes folder information as e. g. "folder name".

Are there any news relating this topic?

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@zeke I'm not sure if it should be in a new topic or a reply in this topic. But I experience the following: 


On top of the sorting issue (I would suggest a top 3 'last used items' above a divider with all other items below the divider in alphab. order) and the column issue to 'always' see if an item is added to a folder (yes,please!) my primary issue is this:


Why is there an 'all-items/folder' toggle for switching views? Wouldn't it be much better if you were to merge the 'All items' view with the 'Folder' view (and remove the toggle buttons)? What would that look like? I imagine a Windows Explorer/Mac Finder kind-of experience, where;

  • I imagine my folders collapsing/expanding like the + (Explorer) or ► (Finder) would, revealing all sub-items indented but in the same scrollable list. (just like it already works in the design tools, but nowhere else)
  • I imagine (double) clicking a folder would show me the contents of that folder exclusively (just like Explorer/Finder would) as opposed to the collapse/expand feature (already works this way)
  • I imagine being able to create folders inside folders (already works, but not everywhere. for instance in workflows this is not possible)
  • I imagine being able to search all items per folder,  applicable when viewing one folder exclusively after clicking on it, as well as bein able to expand my search acccross all folders and items in 'the root' (either by starting my search in 'the root' or by hitting an 'expand my search to all folders-button' after a search inside one specific folder)
  • I imagine the filters working the same way: filtering in one specific folder (with the option to expand my applied filters to all folders) or filtering the root when looking at the entire list (regardless of collapsed/expanded folders)

with these ideas, a toggle for the folder-view seems abundant. Since a folder structure is mimicing some kind of file system, why not take some of the familiar features and replicate those in HS. This would offer a) more consistency accross workflows, emails, landing pages, etc. b) familiar features, thus more ease of use and c) an even better experience without the folder/-all items toggle. which I'm using constantly since HS doenst remember I (nearly) always use the folder. But then I miss the filters. so there we go. (that dillema resulted in the ideas above). I would love to hear your thoughts on them!


BTW: the filters (such as campagn-filter, type-filter, creator-filter) are also very inconsistent acccross the different types of items in hubspot (workflows, emails, Landing pages, etc.) fixing this would also be great!


I also would love the ability to see if an email/list is in a folder. I think the least you could do is when you go to the folder view, it shows all the uncategorized emails below the created folders. Or even a separate default folder labeled "Uncategorized" where emails are stored before sorting?

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yes that too! Smiley Happy


still very valid. Trying to export all workflows for internal organization and have no idea what ones are in folders or not very time consuming