Notify other users about a booked Meeting


When a Meeting is booked for one HubSpot user, another team member could be notified by email so they're aware of the meeting, and can potentially add the person to a Sequence.

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I came accross this with a client recently, they wanted to CC their executive admin on all of their scheduled meetings through the meeting tool but there is no way to do this and I can't find any data to pivot a workflow off of to make this happen. Seems like a pretty simple add so I'd recommend adding a CC field or something of the like. 


Thanks! See everyone in a month!

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@brentswashburn have you looked at our Team meeting feature that will allow a meeting to be booked on mulitple users' calendars? Is this what you're describing?


I would like to be able to specify which of my email addresses gets meeting notifications.


Example: I have connected meetings to my calendar but I do not use that email address so I never see the confirmations. It would be nice if I could specify which email address the confirmation goes to such as my main work address.

We currently have our sales outreach team inserting round robin links in emails (two account executives are the round robin). The problem is that the outreach team cannot tell which of the two account executives the prospect is booking, if they have booked one at all, or when the meeting will take place. 
Can you let me know if there is a way to have the sender of the link get a notification when the meeting is booked?
Thank you!

We would love to see this feature as well.


I'm using custom landing pages (e.g. and have a round robin meeting link embedded at the bottom.


I need to be notified whenever someone books with the link so I can notify sales that they got a new meeting.


@hroberts Our internal SDRs use Meetings to schedule demo appointments on our Account Execs calendars. We want our head of sales to be CC'd whenever a new meeting is booked. It would be similar to choosing someone to be CC'd when a form is completed in the Marketing hub


I second (third, fourth, whatever) this idea! We are currently using the meetings tool at a basic level, but I'm looking at using the Round Robin Feature to book meetings around conferences.


For those there are several corresponding things that need to happen in the database on the Admin side, so having a copy of the booking notification go to a cc email address would be really useful. 


I agree with the need for this. 


We would like for our admin to automatically know when a meeting is scheduled, so that she can coordinate material in preparation for the call. 


As a work-around outside of HubSpot, we are working on auto-forwarding emails with "You have been booked" in the subject to the individual or people that we want to know a meeting has been scheduled (outside of the owner of the meeting). We're doing this within Office365 Outlook.


I haven't implemented it yet, because HubSpot is having issues with sending emails at this moment. I'll provide an update if all works fabulously.


We have meeting ctas on our content follow-up emails and our marketing team would like to know when a lead has used those links to schedule a meeting with sales, including which AM the meeting was scheduled with (we're using the round robin team link), as well as the date time and comments left by the lead on the meeting form. 


We need either:
- To be able to use personalization tokens for activity properties like meeting date, etc. or

- Some sort of HubSpot default alerts that can be sent to non-participant email addresses when a meeting is scheduled, which includes the info from the booking.



Agreed. Our CEO is using meetings and we need admin to get notifications as well so they can block on his personal calendar and prep. We use a generic calendar to book the meetings. 


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Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. 




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Hi Community!


One suggestion that may help with solving this problem is incorporating the Workflows tool to create a notification.


Using a Workflow trigger based on the meeting form submission "Meeting link: name of meetings page" you can trigger automation the moment the meeting link form has been submitted. As an action, you can use one of the Internal Notification actions to send an email, text message, or in-app notification to any member of the team. 


This solution requires Workflows, which is available at the Professional tier. I hope this helps!



Glen Cornell


@glencornell How can we use the workflow specify the actual member of the team the meeting was booked with?



- We have a team meeting link with round-robin with 5 different reps.

- Whenever someone uses it, I would like to use a workflow to post to Slack that a meeting was booked, and it was booked with <rep name>. 


I can use contact owner, but in some cases, contact owner has been set a long time ago (perhaps several years), so that would give off false information. Any ideas? 

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"Using a Workflow trigger based on the meeting form submission "Meeting link: name of meetings page" you can trigger automation the moment the meeting link form has been submitted. As an action, you can use one of the Internal Notification actions to send an email, text message, or in-app notification to any member of the team. "

How may we add the meeting details time, date, etc to the internal notification?