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Notify Task Creator when Task is Completed

I think it could be great if the creator of the task will be notified  when the task is finished or is waiting... 

And have a discussion on the task 


ステータスに更新: Not Currently Planned
April 28, 2020 08:24 AM

Hi HubSpot Community,


Thanks for the suggestion here. While notifying task creators when a task is completed a great idea, it's not currently on our roadmap for the next couple of quarters. For that reason, I am switching the status of this idea to Not Currently Planned


We'll re-evaluate this idea in the coming quarters and update the status accordingly if anything changes. 


Thank you,


August 29, 2019 11:54 PM

Hi team, wanted to add another voice to this - think this would be a good addition to the task tool.


Please implement this feature!! I'm surprised this isn't already a feature given that the Tasks function is so widely used and that this thread has been open for 6 years.


If a user assigns a task to another user, they should have the option to be notified when the task is completed. Otherwise, it adds unnecessary back-and-forth communication, which in some ways defeats the purpose of having automation.


Will this ever be implemented?


I would like to add to this. We use tasks as a way to assign customer support/service actions to team members and the customer support team would like to know when/if a task is completed that they assigned out. This would be a great value add. 


Agreed with what Lauren has said above. We have a similar use case as what Lauren outlines - it would be great to have an option to be notified via task completion.