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Notify Task Creator when Task is Completed

I think it could be great if the creator of the task will be notified  when the task is finished or is waiting... 

And have a discussion on the task 


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Not Currently Planned
April 28, 2020 08:24 AM

Hi HubSpot Community,


Thanks for the suggestion here. While notifying task creators when a task is completed a great idea, it's not currently on our roadmap for the next couple of quarters. For that reason, I am switching the status of this idea to Not Currently Planned


We'll re-evaluate this idea in the coming quarters and update the status accordingly if anything changes. 


Thank you,


August 29, 2019 11:54 PM

Hi team, wanted to add another voice to this - think this would be a good addition to the task tool.

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Please implement this feature!! I'm surprised this isn't already a feature given that the Tasks function is so widely used and that this thread has been open for 6 years.


If a user assigns a task to another user, they should have the option to be notified when the task is completed. Otherwise, it adds unnecessary back-and-forth communication, which in some ways defeats the purpose of having automation.


Will this ever be implemented?


I would like to add to this. We use tasks as a way to assign customer support/service actions to team members and the customer support team would like to know when/if a task is completed that they assigned out. This would be a great value add. 


Agreed with what Lauren has said above. We have a similar use case as what Lauren outlines - it would be great to have an option to be notified via task completion. 


Requesting this also. 


Benefits of creation: 

  • Correct communication, audit and direction to internal stakeholders and externally with clients when an action has been completed.



@sjudson Hi, this feature seems to be useful and very often requested. The latest comment from the product team is almost 4 years old?! 🙂


Do you have an update for us?  


Adding a comment to this-  it kind of defeats the purpose if you don't know when the task has been completed? 

it means an additional step which isn't ideal. 

Purpose of hubspot should be to make the process simpler and getting a completed notification makes perfect sense. 


Adding a comment as well. Every time i onboard a new employee into Hubspot this topic comes up and literally everyone is dissapointed when i tell them, that they dont automaticly get feedback when tasks are completed by someone else. This is such a standard feature that is extremely usefull.