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Notify Task Creator when Task is Completed

I think it could be great if the creator of the task will be notified  when the task is finished or is waiting... 

And have a discussion on the task 


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In addition -- it would be great to have a reminder once finishing a task to "add another task" in the Deal View record. 


Honestly, this seems like a simple request, Hubspot.  I assign a task to be completed by my team.  When they complete the task, for example, confirming an appointment, I need to be notified the task is completed.  This is basic CRM.  Please make this change.  

Neues Mitglied

This would take our HubSpot usage to the next level and would allow us to be more effective. Dear HubSpot Gods please make this happen so I can stop getting requests from my team for this feature. 


Hi team, wanted to add another voice to this - think this would be a good addition to the task tool.


Agreed - its such a tease that you're able to trigger an alert once per company but never again, seems like a bug...


+1 to this idea. It would give clarity to the creator of the task whether to task has been completed correctly.


Also, when the task is created, attach the 'task creator' so the person who receives the task knows who created it.

In the tasks section, have a toggle for 'tasks I have created'

Also, when a task is complete, include a date stamp of when completed.


Pretty much just take a leaf out of Asanas book Smiley feliz


This would be amazing, I've gotten several requests for this exact thing!


Please make it happen HubSpot!