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Notify Task Creator when Task is Completed

I think it could be great if the creator of the task will be notified  when the task is finished or is waiting... 

And have a discussion on the task 


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This would also be a big improvement for our team. Many of our tasks are made by one person on our team and assigned to another and we want to use the tasks feature to cut down on emails back and forth between the team checking in on every task assigned. 


It would be very helpful to know when a task assigned to a co-worker is complete. For example, if a sales manager assigns a new lead to a sales rep for follow up the manager should get a notification when that lead is acted upon.


Once tasks are assigned to team members, the person who assigned the tasks should receive an update when they have been completed or progress has been made. This would avoid a lot of unnecessary back and forth follow up to see what has been completed and what is still pending. 

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Have a client that REALLLLLLLYYYYY wants to be able to assign a task to their salespeople they manage and get notified when they complete them.


Please make this a reality....pretty please.


Overall tasks need a pretty big upgrade, however this is an item that some of my team members regularly request as well.


I have setup automated tasks for different stages of our deals.  It would be beneficial to have an email notification when a task has been completed or hasn't been touched after a given amount of time.  It's unproductive to have to go through each deal and see what has and hasn't been accomplished.  Additionally, if the feature could be added to any task that has been created it will improve productivity in our office.


Thank you

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Hi Team -- agree, I have come a cross a case that supports this idea too!


Extremely important - I also think having the names of the people responsible for finishing the task be a great addition


Our sales operations team creates tasks for our sales team to perform - as they relate to the specific deals that the sales representatives are working on.  However, the only way we have found to check to see if the tasks were completed is by manually checking.  Is there a way you can develop a check box, or some other way, to let the task assigner know that the assigned task was completed?


I was about to submit this exact idea. 


An automated notification of completion should be sent to the creator who assigns the task initially.  Otherwise the creator would need to conduct a list of tasks he/she has assigned as a reminder and then manually follow up.  This creates ineffeciency.


Having a task tab listing the title and due date of assigned would also be valuable for the creator. 


Our group's workaround is to reassign the task to the originator marked as complete, but this is still less efficient than it should be





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In addition -- it would be great to have a reminder once finishing a task to "add another task" in the Deal View record. 


Honestly, this seems like a simple request, Hubspot.  I assign a task to be completed by my team.  When they complete the task, for example, confirming an appointment, I need to be notified the task is completed.  This is basic CRM.  Please make this change.  

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This would take our HubSpot usage to the next level and would allow us to be more effective. Dear HubSpot Gods please make this happen so I can stop getting requests from my team for this feature. 

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Hi team, wanted to add another voice to this - think this would be a good addition to the task tool.


Agreed - its such a tease that you're able to trigger an alert once per company but never again, seems like a bug...


+1 to this idea. It would give clarity to the creator of the task whether to task has been completed correctly.

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Also, when the task is created, attach the 'task creator' so the person who receives the task knows who created it.

In the tasks section, have a toggle for 'tasks I have created'

Also, when a task is complete, include a date stamp of when completed.


Pretty much just take a leaf out of Asanas book 🙂


This would be amazing, I've gotten several requests for this exact thing!


Please make it happen HubSpot!


Why isn't this feature done yet??? We desperately need this in place. Also when someone assigns a task to me there is no indication on whom it came from. Therefore I cannot ask for more information or follow up with the creator. 


I totally agree! Its getting a little absurd - so much great functionality has been added recently I'm so disappointed this (seemingly) minor addition keeps getting ignored.