Notify Admin if a Task has not been completed by assignee

I'd like for HubSpot to have the ability to allow admins to assign Leaders within the "teams" so we can more easily keep track of tasks not being completed by the due date. Automating workflow can only help so much it just does not have the ability to actually sending emails or notifications to these "Leaders" or HubSpot admins notifying them of team members not getting their tasks completed or at least checking them as complete. Continuously monitoring this through the activity reports can become quite overbearing. 

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It's really hard to keep our sales team accountable when there is no real way to monitor their actions in real-time.


Example - If a lead was created and remained in the "Marketing stage for 5 days with NO task completed".  Which, kind of exists, except that it references the entire task history of the contact record for all time. Being able to specify, "Lead is of Marketing stage for 5 days with NO task completed in the last 24 hours" Allows us to address the responsiveness of our sales team.


Maybe this isn't the best example, but something that keeps them accountable, that can possibly trigger notifications based on responsiveness to required actions beyond the "create follow up task checkbox" in tasks. Or allow us to build a workflow that can support it.

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Our sales managers would like to set up notifications for the number of tasks their team members have:

  • Use Case 1: If they have 10 overdue tasks send an email to the manager to monitor the situation
  • Use Case 2: User has more than 50 tasks overdue or due the next day send an email/notification to the manager for resource management