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Notifications when conversation has not been actioned by assigned user in period of time

While there are some conversations notifications options and workflow options based on conversations, right now there is no way to set up a notification that sends to the owner of a conversation when it has not been actioned within a certain period of time. Ideally this is something that could be adjustable and have the option to notify other static users if desired (such as a supervisor). For example, if an email or a chat comes into the conversations inbox and is assigned to a user, to have the ability to configure after X minutes without a response from the user, send a notification to the assigned user and / or to other fixed users such as a supervisor. Ideally this would work not only for first response but continuously until the thread was closed. 

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Great idea. Would love to see this feature. Our sales team marks a deal as closed - this automatically sends a task to our orders team but sometimes this can be overlooked if they're busy. It would be great to see a feature where they could be renotified should it not be marked as complete.