Notifications when clients bounce from important emails


There are many reasons why an email may bounce, and that isn't a problem most of the time. However, when the communication is a time sensitive transactional email (invoice, contract, product status), we aren't always aware of it not being delivered in a timely way.


I have 'solved' this problem currently using a workflow on specific emails that will send me an internal email letting me know that CONTACT.EMAIL has bounced from "some important email," because currently there is no way of knowing what email it was that bounced. 


Just adding a personalization token for most recent bounced email would even be sufficent, then I would be able to set up logic to send an email when those bounce to the contact owners, including what they bounce from and provide them reccommended next actions to follow up with them.

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This for sure would be very helpful, as there are so many times that we assume an email got to someone with whom we have been in regular contact, only to stumble on the fact, sometimes much later, that the email was never sent! I'll be looking up something possibly quite unrelated and see that an email sent to someone a day after one of our Sales reps was actively communicating with them (via a sales email) was not sent. The email that won't be sent will be a marketing one, versus a sales one, but no-one would have even thought there would be a problem as HubSpot had tracked the person's Sales email thread just a day before.


We are using the Ticket system. Sometimes E-Mails won't reach our contact, but our agents don't get a notification in these cases. A notification for bounced E-Mails would be very helpful.


We are using the ticketing system too and the ticket status for bounced emiails even changes as if the email was successfully sent.  I'm looking for some type of notification (similar to an email system like gmail or outlook) to help ensure the emails we send are actually being delivered.


Very intrigued by the workflow described above (I will have to try to re-create in the meantime!) but this feature is critical to our continued growth and use of this platform as a ticketing system. 


A useful bit of advice I got from a HubSpot rep was to make a workflow that triggers when the contact property "Marketing emails bounced" is known (make sure re-enrollment is allowed) which will trigger every time an email bounces. I have my workflow send an email alert to the owner of the contact (that just bounced) warning him that this contact's recent email has just bounced. Works for marketing emails, but the person getting the alert does need to go into the contact record to see what happened.