Notifications for Quotes upon payment


Having a notification email, or any type of notification appear when a client pays in the Quotes area will be a huge benefit to our system. The only way to see the quotes you've created is by downloading a PDF / Excel sheet. If there was also a way to either create a list of those active Quotes would also be very helpful. Thanks!

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+1 on this.. really basic


+1 on this - it's very difficult to use Quotes at all in Hubspot when we have no way to do something / be notified when a quote is accepted/paid. 


I think that a workaround solution can be the one described early in this thread which is to create a workflow that triggers when the "Payment Date" property for example changes.


I have created such flow and waiting to have a paid quote to see if it works. It should.

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

Hey everyone - I wanted to let you know that I'll be rolling this feature out over the course of week. Right now it's available in 33% of portals, but by end of the week it should be out to everyone.


Now, quote owners will get a notification when their quote has been paid using our embedded Stripe integration. We won't be doing a beta for this feature since it's relatively low risk. If you're not getting the notifications, please wait until the end of the week to contact support, since the notification is being rolled out by %. But, starting next week, if you're not receiving the notifications, please contact support. 


If you start receiving the notifications and have feedback on how they look or how they work, please comment!