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Notifications for Quotes upon payment

Having a notification email, or any type of notification appear when a client pays in the Quotes area will be a huge benefit to our system. The only way to see the quotes you've created is by downloading a PDF / Excel sheet. If there was also a way to either create a list of those active Quotes would also be very helpful. Thanks!

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Yes, we need this!


great idea! Would love to see this implemented.


+1 to this idea, yes please! 


You can do this through workflows.

Deal-based workflow Enrollment criteria =

At least one associated quote has Payment enabled is equal to True
Payment date has been updated in the last 1 day
Send email "$CORE! Payment made on your deal!"
to Deal owner
Payment received for Deal: Deal name, 
Deal: Deal Description


Agree!  How is this not a feature already?  It seems logical that you'd want to be notified when a quote has been approved and paid.


@ALEasterly does that only work if you have the Workflows module active?  We're on Starter so we don't have access to Workflows.


I can't believe this was made available without an alert. This has just caused me embarresment and customer disatisfaction because I asked a propect if they they wanted to buy when that had already paid a few days before.


Is there a workaround that does not involve Workflows as we are also just starters.


I don't think you can do this with PRO either... I don't see any "quote" options under deal workflows and see that "Quote" workflows are not yet at our level. Must be for Enterprise


Don't know how this got overlooked, but for any organization that is integrating payments, it is a MUST HAVE


We are on Pro an cannot do this. This is a basic Sales workflow requirement. Even has this and allows very complex workflows.


If you can't get an alert, notification, and low-level workflow when a Quote is paid, its not really a CRM.  It's a Deal database.


It's very hard to find a CRM lacking this functionality at most all levels of service. It seems a bit ridiculous that you can't automate the purchase process, especially when your intent is to provision products/services as soon as payment is received. It's caused a lot of frustration for us early on in the implementation.


In Pro, you get Quote functionality, but no way to automate them via Workflow. I'm not sure what the point of that would be?

When we realized this functionality was lacking in all but the Enterprise we were quite stunned.  It never came up as a pre-sales question as we hadn't imagined it would be a missing functionality. 


This will definately be a discussion on renewal and could be a deal breaker for us. The manual process is too limiting and building this outside of Hubspot is not desirable.


If Hubspot wants to gatekeep this feature, it would make far more sense to do so at the "number of Quote workflows" level than at the package level.  It severly cripples the CRM to do otherwise.

HubSpot Product Team

Any updates on this feature?


This feature is very important for us - +1 to request expedition!

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This is a much needed feature. You shouldn't need to be on enterprise in order to get a notification about a quote payment. Maybe it can be released under pro for a certain number of quotes per month. 


It would be great to be notified when the client signs the quote. 

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Great that the idea is currently in planning (: Would like to comment here on behalf of my customer, would be great if we can choose to have notifications (and decide who to send these notifications to) when a customer signed on a quote. This is important as such quotes often require multiple signatures.


I know there's a possible workaround using workflows, but I don't think we can get notifications for every single signature that's added into the same quote. Thanks!


it would be helpful if you could see back in the account at a property when the customer signed the quote


@YiRui_Chua, what workflow workaround have you used? I'm just trying to get notified when someone signs a quote but I can't figure out a way to do quote-based workflows.


we just switched from pandadoc to hubspot quotes. and while we love it, it's boggling to me that I can see the pandadoc status on the contact record, but not the quote info. if we could view quote details on the contact record, this would also help since it can be quickly viewed. thanks! @ethankopit 


Come on, how is this not available yet.  BTW the workaround suggested with Workflows cannot be done since no triggers with 'Payments' are avilable.  Please add this asap or your qoute system is useless.


+1 for this, waiting on it to be implimented.