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Notifications based on most recent submission (chatflow or forms or CTA)

It would be great if we could generate notifications based on submissions.


Example forms/chatflows:

(for a large number of our org who don't have access to our customer management databases) we generate internal marketing emails to inform them of the submissions.


However, when using tokens, if a field isn't mandatory but on the form and the contact record has data from previous entries, it will pull OLD data into the email not related to the submission which gets very confusing.


If we could create a notification off the most recent submission that would alleviate A LOT of problems and confusion.  Ideally, if we can just pull ALL properties from the submission when data has been added (without specifying each property to include) into some kind of notification (in a marketing email as a token for example) then we know those receiving the notification are getting current, accurate data on the customer.


I understand the premise, that in a perfect world everyone uses Hubspot for all their needs, however, in the case of most, like us, we were already deeply established with other solutions that make it impossible to move away from them, but still, require support for certain actions.