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Notification when team member is currently editing a page you're going into

Our team has a variety of copywriters, designers, and developers that can be working on a couple of HubSpot landing pages or web pages at any given time. At least once a week, one of us goes into a page the other is working on to make their tweaks, and one of us has our work completely lost because another user is editing at the same time. 


It would be awesome if you had a simple notification on the list of pages that tells you in the "Last Updated" column that X user is currently editing the page. Also, if there was a quick notification box that let you know that same message if you click to edit the page.


HubSpot Idea 1.jpg


This enhancement would make our workflows more efficient and effective, and we wouldn't have to duplicate our efforts. In addition, if you needed to get into a page to edit it, you'd know ahead of time who's in there and who you need to connect with. 


Thanks for the consideration! 



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By default, CMS Hub does not have a workflow process that I can model individually, and which automatically sends a notification for the next step to the defined person at the right time? That is a basic requirement of a CMS 😉 modeling similar to the workflows of Marketing Hub.
Example workflow: Language translation workflow.

1. Content Task Owner creates the page with content in English 2. after he has finished the work the translator for German language gets a notification from CMS (according to the defined workflow process) a notification
3. after he has finished his work the Italian language translator gets a notification
4. and so on for other languages
5. at the end the Task Owner gets a notification to control the work
6. and at the end a final approver puts the page online
In my opinion, this should be a basic functionality for a CMS. At least one 4-eye approval should be covered in this way. You have already the experience with Marketing Hub and Marketing Automation. There it's possible to design a workflow 😉