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Notification control over separate conversation inboxes

We have more than one conversation inbox in HS and have different teams handling these support emails. The notification settings around the inboxes don't let you specify which inbox they correspond to, so my team gets notifications for inboxes they are not responsible for. 


Please give us more control over notifications with conversation inboxes. 

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+1 on this idea.


Use case : 
We have several mailboxes (France, Canada, Spain) and a chatflow linked to each of these mailboxes. We activated sound notifications and slack notifications whenever a new chat pops up, as we need to be quick to answer.

But we receive all notifications from incoming chats for other countries whereas :
- you do not belong to the Canadian or Spain team and it's not your role to answer

- a Canadian chat pops in and it is 9PM in France and you do not want to receive this kind of notification at such late time


Yes, seconded.  We have sales & services members who need access to different inboxes, as sometimes they get tagged in comments in order to triage who gets assigned what. However, these teams only need email notifications for their primary inbox. 


I know we can remove notifications for "unassigned convos" but that means we need to auto-assign convos. Using automatic assigning of conversations is not a great fit, because we have multiple team members on an inbox and do not want to use the "random assigning" feature.


We have 2 inboxes causing lots of notifications. Can you please create a way to specify which inbox you'd like to receive notifications for. 


THis is an issue for us, too.

Can I exclude members or teams from getting email notifications that they don´t care about? That would held very much.

Either this or the option to connect teams to certain inboxes.

Because now members are getting way too many unnecessary notifications causing them to neglect notifications that might be useful for them.


Huge issue for my teams - 8/9 inboxes for specific issues, managed across the teams. But not all users need to be notified for everything! Please bump this up the list!


We also align with the idea that our sales & services members need access to different inboxes, as sometimes they get tagged in comments in order to triage who gets assigned what. However, these teams only need email notifications for their primary inbox.   Currently the workaround is to turn all notifications off and then workflow custom notifications triggered by a specific inbox to a team.  That's a lot of work, HS can you just enable the customization?  Thanks!


Same here - different requirements and users in different inboxes. Need this to be fixed ASAP.


We are having the same issue - our teams need access to multiple inboxes so that they can assist/comment with one another, but certain teams only need to be notified when something comes in to a signle inbox. This is honestly critical, as the current setup would either limit how we work together, or all teams are going to get bombarded with notifications unneccessarily, increasing the risk of something falling through the cracks.


We critically need this. Our teams do not need to receive notifications for our "free user" inbox (let's call it that). We may need notifs for our "enterprise" inbox but not everyone with access to the inbox will need to receive a notif every time something comes in. I need access to those two inboxes in case I need to reference something or am tagged, but the only inbox I manage is separate from those ones and it's the only one I benefit from having notifications on. Especially for larger organizations with different teams who need to collaborate, this is so key because if I am inundated with an overwhelming amount of notifications that are not valuable to me, I'm simply going to ignore them or turn them all completely off, rendering the notification feature useless to me in both cases. I'd love an update on whether this is on the roadmap. and what the timeline looks like for release. 


This is highly needed for multiple clients of ours. +1 to this idea.


Literally insane that this is still not possible within HS