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Notice Board For Team Members

Is there a function in Hubspot where it acts like a notice board for all team members?


Essentially (i'm really excited about it) I'd love to have a way of updating all team members on important tweaks/changes. Now having an internal page somewhere... no one will check it - BUT if there can be a way that if there is an update to post, I add it somewhere - and the next time and team member logs into their hubspot account - it appears (kinda like a push notification?) and they actually have to 'tick' it or something for it to go away again. So essentially it's a way of actually notifying everyone.


Has that been requested before/on a road map/ does it make sense?


Let me know


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SeanHenri Top Contributor | Gold Partner
Top Contributor | Gold Partner

If you have the reporting add on you can add a "Notes" widget at the top of your dashboard, and jot down any recent changes you'd like the team to know about there. We have some clients who like this approach.


Here's how HubSpot describes it:  Use a notes widget to annotate your dashboard with additional insights, observations, or comments. Use the @mention feature to get other team members involved in the conversation.


I think it would be pretty useful to allow an admin to trigger notifications in the same area HubSpot pushes them in the upper right hand corner of the screen. I'd likely use it all the time. You should put it in the ideas area and maybe others will vote it up!

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Thanks for that help!


I thought this was the ideas area! are you able to link me please?


Hey @Sky @roisinkirby should be able to move tthis directly to Ideas for you don't have to post. ...For future reference you can find the form at

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Thanks @Anonymous!


@Sky I'm going to go a head and move this thread to the Ideas Forum.