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Notes on Deal Board view

Either through hovering over a deal or added to each tile, a view where reps and managers could add notes that would be easily visible through the overall view instead of navigating into the record for each deal.


An in-practice example being: me, as a manager, can add notes to a Deal either by adding in the Board view or on the record itself, but most importantly being able to view them on the Board view.


Keeping track of a rep/team's pipeline is difficult in itself without having notes as reminders, so this would help alleviate the back and forth of multiple windows being open to see a quick note of where you left off. Possibly even using the "pinned" feature as what to display in the hover over scenario.

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This would be a very helpful feature for our team as well! We'd love for Notes to be an option in the Deal sidebar that opens when you click on a Deal box from the Deal Board, so team members could update notes on current deals without having to leave the Deal Board screen and open each deal. Especially in a fast-paced review meeting, this just isn't an option. 


Has anyone found a solution for this?

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It would be great if there was just a little speech-bubble that you click on, quickly enter the notes and it saves across the deal and associated contact without having to open up the full deal. This is important for faced paced sales atmospheres.


It would be great if this could be implemented - it's currently taking an annoyingly long time to go into each deal record individually to leave notes


Would love this featuer - I agree. Annoying amount of time to make quick notes.


Need that!!!!
Please implement ASAP


So annoying the multiple windows open to check all the deals... we need a solution please 🙂




This would be great


Yes. I agree. We use the deal view to talk during our sales meetings and it would be great to add notes and also create tasks and add comments via this view. 


Ideally, we want to have all action items out of the meeting put as a task against the relevant deal. This is to be done though without drilling down into each deal and back to the deal view.


Our organization can defintiely benefit from this as well. Major complaint from my team when they go through their deals to give updates and have to click into each deal to leave a note before moving onto the next one. If not directly in the Deals table, maybe in the Preview sidebar? Please put this in production!


How is this not a thing!