Not using some Products in a Quote should not erase those Products from the Deal

When you have products assigned to a deal and you create a quote with only a number of those products selected, the remaining products disappear from that deal.  


What does this mean for the user?

- Loss of custom product history (from first quotes on a deal)

- Loss of deal value

- Negative impact on forecasts and reporting

- Multiple sources of information related to a single customer, as the user needs to create new deals for every new product they wish to sell via a quote. 

- Loss of system efficiency because of above.

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I experience this a lot as sometimes we create multiple quotes for a client depending on the deal. 

I get the reasoning behind removing a product if it's not on the quote, but if you're doing multiple quotes for different options it would be create if all products, the info that you put into those products (as sometimes we change the product descriptions depending on the option) would all roll into the products listed on the deal.