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Norwegian date and number formats

There are many hubspot partners and customers in Norway. Please introduce Norwegian number and date format.


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January 25, 2021 04:06 AM

Great idea - have also had customers enquiring about this!

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HubSpot Product Team

Great idea - have also had customers enquiring about this!


YES, it is about time. I submitted this support ticket:

"Our business is in Norway. Hubspot does not have an option for Norwegian date and number format. We have to use Dutch (the Netherlands), which is exactly the same date and number format as in Norway.

HOWEVER, when you select Netherlands as date and number format, several texts, forms, help messages etc. will be presented in Dutch to the users (and customers as well).

Is there a plan to add support for Norwegian date and number format so absolutely all text is presented in the default Norwegian language, or English as a fall-back?"

The answer was a reference to this post.. 


This is key to getting a new country, the cost of one Premium-customer should cover the cost to translate the whole platform.


really need this because we are using date properties in email communication to customers, and they need to get the correct date format. 

Also the other countries with same date format as norwegian is on another language that we do not understand, like Finland