Non Linear Chat bot, actual branching with If/Then


The Chatbot needs to be able to have actual branching using the If/Then. Right now all branches return to a single endpoint. This is pretty dumb seeing as this is essentially a workflow and you already allow for full nonlinear branching with workflows.


The chatbot is basically a linear sequence of events that you can only skip specific things, but never change the end outcome. This is a really short sight design as the end outcome for feedback will never be the same end outcome for an issue or ticket.

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From what I understand, the various paths or branches of a chatflow actually don't have to end at the same point. I've created ones that end differently, e.g. if the chatter goes down one path, they end up at a "have team follow up" endpoint, and if they go down a different one, they end up at a "close chat" endpoint.


The confusing thing is that the various branches and endpoints are not laid out visually the way a workflow is, although it really should look the same and have similar options.