No longer able to sort by email name in the "analyze" tab


I spend 4.5+ hours a day in HS and one of the key features that made it easier for me to manage and track progress with our automated nurture emails was the ability to sort by email name in the email analyze tab.

The newest update of the analyze tab removed this feature, which is a bit frustrating. I had named our nurture emails based on the order in which they appear in the corresponding workflows. Being unable to sort by name means it takes me longer to go through and look at how each email is performing. Even with the same date filter and campaign filter that I used before, the analyze tab looks more cluttered than organized. 

Hubspot, please bring back this sorting feature! 

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100% agree.

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

Huge thanks for the heads up here @Kschierholt and @no6inbash. Removing that sorting wasn't an intentional decision that was made while rebuilding the email reporting. Should be back to normal now. Let me know if you see any other issues with it. Thanks!