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No calendar view of planned meetings in Hubspot?



In our company, we  only schedule physical meetings with a field technicians in our customers' homes. They don't take appointments themselves. We have Google calendar connected with Hubspot, where a scheduled meeting appears on the team member's calendar, but we need to see the global calendar view within the CRM to see different meetings of the day/week by each technician. I realize I can't find it on Hubspot? So everytime I have to check a meeting scheduled I have to enter to the customers record? It is not practical at all. 

Is the only option to go outside to the Google Calendar for the whole team?

(The CRM we used before would provide a native calendar view with all planned meetings with possibility to update the meeting outcome with color codes etc.) screenshot of our previous CRM calendar below:screen meetings.png

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Hey @Baba70,


This view isn't possible in HubSpot, you'll really only be able to see this on a team view of your calendar.

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Thanks for this insight, @amoriera


I would highly recommend you to please post this product suggestion at our ideas forum.


Our product team, who monitors the forum regularly, can read your specific use case and understand why this would be a useful functionality or change. It also helps other customers facing the same issue to advocate for its implementation on your behalf by upvoting on the thread as well.


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This seems like a much needed feature. Just got 2 requests from Sales People coming frim salesforce background.

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Can't even embed google calnedars in a dashboard: 




Best I can do is build a custom report. . .

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I agree, we really need this. I am managing the calendars of multiple sales reps, and have to do this in Google Calendar, so I have to manually copy & paste the name of the person into Hubspot to see what the meeting outcome was. It would be much better if I had a calendar view in Hubspot where the events could be colour-coded based on the outcome. Then at a glance I can see what's going on at any given time. I know this info can be found on a report, but a calendar view would be much more useful for making logistical decisions on the spot.