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No Wrapper option on modules.

ROLE: For HubSpot Template Designers.

GOAL: Increase flexibility of the BETA COS.

VALUE: Speeds development time for template designers. Creates greater flexibility for the drag and drop interface, reducing the amount of custom code. Makes support easier.


THE PROBLEM: I've found, over the years, that a lot of time is spent overriding the default behavior of the wrapper code (divs and classes). In the current COS, you can use Custom HTML or HubL modules when you needed to create your own structure without wrappers. In the BETA COS, these modules are going away, which means you're forced to work with the drag and drop modules when you need to use modules that are not included in the Custom Module builder (like the Search Input module).


THE SOLUTION: If the wrapper code could be dropped on the drag and drop modules, it would make it much easier for building and styling global groups.


RECOMMENDED IMPLEMENTATION: In the BETA COS, there is an option under "Editor Options" to "Prevent editing in the content editor". It would be WONDERFUL, if a similar type of toggle switch could be added under "Styling Options" that would add the HubL token of no_wrapper=True to the module (which would drop all of the divs, spans, and classes that normally wrap around modules and groups).


no_wrapper=True switchno_wrapper=True switch

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 +1: We would also appreciate that tiny little switch!!!

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Hi HubSpot Devs!


Any news on that easy one?

It's really sad, when designers have to go with HTML-Templates instead o Drag&Drop ones just because of this tiny missing boolean switch. Come one. Should be 1 scrum point!






+1  I also spend a lot of time working around all the default hubspot content.  Being able to turn it off for certain elements would be extremely helpful.


This would make my make life much easier. Please implement!


Bonk! I'm bumping into this wall right now.


Modularity in templates shouldn't necessarily mean a visual element in the layout grid.


+1 +1


This feature would make a lot of stuff much much easier!

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Building mostly coded templates and have found the no_wrapper parameter for custom modules not always working when placing them on coded templates.


How a multi million dollar company still has not implemented this is outrageous. Don't blame people for not using hubl.


2023, checking in to see that this still ... is ... not ... an ... option. 👀