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No Option to Restore Workflow Revision History

I have noticed that we can look into workflow revision history but we do not have the option to restore that previous revision history. I would really like to be able to restore based off revision history, we can currently do this for landing pages. What is the point of having revision history if there isn't an option to restore it? 


I also noticed that if you remove an action at the top of the workflow all following actions and steps are instantly deleted without a warning sign. This is extremly dangerous espically since we cannot restore workflows based on revision history. We just had a very long workflow with an action at the very beggining that needed to be removed. We needed to remove this action and our understanding was that it would just go to the next step in the flow or at least give a warning sign that steps are about to be deleted if you remove this action, but it did not. Now the entire workflow is deleted and we have no way to restore it ourselves.  


I wanted to flag this becasue this is potentially very dangerous to user who are updating workflows. 


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Same issue here - I'm a bit surprised there is no option to do this

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Hey team,

This is an important tool!

Would be great if we can set this up , thank you!

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Hi Team,


I agree that this feature could be really useful. Since workflows often contain many actions, this would help in restoring previous versions. 


Thank you!


This is a really strange one - there's no "Undo" option or means to restore a historical branch.


I've somehow deleted a branch by editing another option and now I need to rebuild the entire thing, despite the history being there. I can't copy a branch, I can't export the revision and import.


This makes no sense?


Just got wrecked by this in a nearly 100 step workflow. Really need a way to restore from a workflow's revision history.


Yeah this is a critical feature, it's very easy to accidentally delete something on a live workflow. The wording on the modal isn't always clear what will be affected by a modification and there's no way to go back.


Just rebuilt a workflow because of this! Wish this was present!



Did you contact hubspot support and ask if they can restore it?


@aydanz No, I did not. I did talk with my Customer Success Manager about it while on our monthly call.


Also really surprised this undo or restore option is not available! Thiw is really needed! 


That's a super usefull feature. Other platforms have it, I strongly believe that HS should have it too


This would have been really handy and saved me a good amount of time today. It was good at least to see the old version but it's be gold if you could just restore it.


This and the undo button for workflows are a much needed system feature!


piping in here! I need this too.