No Location on activity feed

I am writing to complain about your new policy (effective in early August 2019) of not showing location with the email opens.

I rely on that info to let me know if someone is out of town, or if the email has been forwarded to another person in another location.

Can you reconsider this? It's really a big disappointment!

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No Location on activity feedHubSpot Product Team
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No Location on activity feedHubSpot Product Team

Wanted to share a quick update. We continue to investigate solutions for multiple recipient tracking -- including a better way to mitigate self-open notifications. Any solution we implement, however, is unlikely to use IP address -- so exploring the right way to handle it will take us some time. 

In the meantime, we are moving forward with the removal of location data from the activity feed tomorrow to respect recipient privacy. We will continue to update this thread as we make progress.



No Location on activity feedHubSpot Product Team
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Hi folks,


I’m the Director of Product responsible for the sales products. We very much appreciate all this feedback. Removing location was a hard decision, and ultimately we feel it is the right one. There is an ongoing discussion in the industry about the ethics of location data of email recipients. I don’t want HubSpot to be on the wrong side of that discussion, and I want to be proud of what we build. We do understand that for some users, removing the location information from the activity feed is negatively impacting your experience, and so my team and I are looking at ways to improve both self open notifications and multiple recipient tracking. Stay tuned.


Thanks for listening,


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Without the ability to track unique opens, on a one to many email, the value of your solution is significantly degraded.


I'm unclear how you are surveying your users for value and fit, but simply removing the capability all together while ignoring the underlying customer need is a big miss.


I'll be canceling my subscription.

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Just uninstalled the Outlook plugin and am testing Contact Monkey.  Saleshandy worksed well.  Not much need for hubspot now.  We'll be moving on soon.


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You guys are really shooting yourselves in the foot here.  Activity feed is the main feature I utilize from Hubspot.


There is already a flaw in that it would track my own opens (I can't block my IP from all the locations I work)


Much of the time there is no contact connected to opens.  If you CC others on the email - for example, my own employees - one cannot tell if the principal recipient has opened the email or if it was a CC.


Now you remove the location where the email is opened reducing intel even further.


In effect, you're reducing the value of the activity tracking to zero.  Time to look for another solution.

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Very frustrating. I receive an email in the morning and all the persons in my reply are in differents countries. It's imposible to know if the person more important for me opened my email.

Very frustrating.

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Anyone here find a suitable replacement for email tracking? 


Tried Saleshandy and Yesware and not happy with either.


I really need the location tracking!  Thanks.

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Same, I need a new tracking service.