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I am writing to complain about your new policy (effective in early August 2019) of not showing location with the email opens.

I rely on that info to let me know if someone is out of town, or if the email has been forwarded to another person in another location.

Can you reconsider this? It's really a big disappointment!

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@Agent314 I can't find a company called crickets

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@heathcliff I'm guessing you're kidding, but if not... "Crickets = Silence" 🙂


HS doesn't care. Doubtful there will be any solutions anytime soon. We've now managed to let them know we haven't found any external remedies yet so there is no urgency. And don't forget, this is a political issue unfortunately. Lawyers.


But, I still a positivity guy. So this too will resolve one way or another. This, or something better. Have a good week.



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@Agent314  no, wasn't kidding. I never heard that phrase before. 


I agree to this. Without this feature hubspot is useless for me!


I access my emails from another machine all the time and form different places. The only way I can tell if it was me who opened it or my recipient is from the location!!



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The activity is utterly useless. @mschnitt, how does this help me? "Someone" opened my email several times. The two people I sent this to are contacts of mine, in HubSpot. Why are they identified as "Someone?" And, the same "Someone" did not open it four times. Different people opened it.

Someone HubSpot Activity Useless 2019-08-14_15-37-59.png

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Apparently this is also happening with documents that are sent to a single recipient (and yes I have the  "require email address" option checked).



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In the absence of tracking location (which is understandable), can Hubspot AT LEAST distinguish between the following?



2.  OPENED BY ANOTHER PARTY FROM RECIPIENT'S DOMAIN (forwarded to a co-worker at recipient's company)


4.  OPENED BY SOMEONE FROM SENDER'S DOMAIN (even if they are not a Hubspot user)

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Great suggestions @jims . Please see and responsd @mschnitt .

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I suspect that most of the responders in this thread are power users which Hubspot inherited from Sidekick. Since I am one of those, I don't think we have a negotiation power, Hubspot doesn't care about our $10/m and they know very well how much each one of those commented here pays. I even think they have an interest in getting rid of us to stop supporting an interface (and pricing) which new users have no access to.

Does anyone here pay more than $10/m and/or is not a Sidekick user?

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I'm going to try to attach screenshots from SalesHandy.  Their format is different than Hubspot.  For Saleshandy, the opens aren't indicated in Outlook.  You have to go to the Saleshandy website for the summary.  In the first screenshot it shows the address email, subject line, how many times it's been opened (if that's the activity you click on), and the time it was opened.  The second screenshot shows how it looks if you click on the number of opens.  For some, it shows location.  If the email is somehow linked to gmail or yahoo, you just get a Gmail open with no location.  Sometimes you get some gmail and some location, like in the 3rd screenshot, which also indicates it's been open by more than one person.  The cost is $16/ month, though you have to pay for the whole year in advance.


screenshot saleshandy.JPGscreenshot saleshandy2.JPGscreenshot saleshandy3.JPG

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@heathcliff Does it work with Outlook desktop client with multiple outgoing email addresses (POP3, one inbox, multiple folders)? Or do you know?

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@Agent314  I have Outlook, and use 7 or 8 email accounts.  One is Microsoft Exchange, two are Godaddy-registered, two are gmail, one is hover.  SalesHandy allowed me three emails max with tracking/ location ID.  It seemed initially like they only allowed one, I said out of the question, and they allowed 3.  I can give you the contact name.  As I said, it's $16/month, but you have to pay for a year (drag!).  

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Seriously, HubSpot? I wonder whether they ask paying customers before implementing these updates. In this case, they clearly did not.


I find this feature extremely useful. It helps me evaluate whether a prospect or client is traveling, which provides a well-informed perspective while engaging prospects and clients. 


Please return this feature.

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Well, I canceled HubSpot and have bought a plan on SalesHandy, which tracks opens and offers locations, except in the case of Gmail based or Yahoo based emails.  Not perfect, but certainly better than HubSpot is offering.

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The decision to take away the location of opened emails, has taken away a lot of the added-value hubspot offers. I can no longer tell if the user has actually opened my email or if it is a colleague or the system is recognizing me. Huge disappointment that this is no longer available. please bring it back!

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Agreed....disappointing that this feature has been removed.

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Agree, that this is a big disappointment as there are users that do rely on location - we operate on a global scale, and good to see where opens based on locale. Hubspot failed users on this decision. We are looking at other applications like Yesware, Sales Handy, and others.  

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Don't worry, I'm sure HS is working on this faster so they can do nothing about it sooner...

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This feature still **bleep**.

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Again, like I said before... there's a lot of politics in this. Which is a shame. Like we don't already have enough of that? Sad... There's such a good opportunity for HubSpot to step up and do something good for it's customers. Do they not understand the exponential value of even 100 happy customers. Possibly there are many much bigger internal problems to solve and this just doesn't make the radar for them. But remember, where there's a market...