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I am writing to complain about your new policy (effective in early August 2019) of not showing location with the email opens.

I rely on that info to let me know if someone is out of town, or if the email has been forwarded to another person in another location.

Can you reconsider this? It's really a big disappointment!

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This is a *huge* mistake. The product mangement team should reconsider this decision!


There are many scenarions where the location data is helpful. Without it, this tool becomes much less useful. For example, the tool doesn't know that it's me when i switch between desktop to phone. It assumes its a new user. Secondly, Hubspot tool can't distinguish between an email opened by someone on my team visiting a new location vs. the recipient of the email. Thirdly, when I am traveling, hubspot misappropriately tagges me as someone else opening the email. All these, and many more issues are resolved with the location data. Absent it, there are so many false positives


I am certain that many businesses would disagree with Hubspot's claim "that location does'nt add enough value to the user or the end-customer-experience." That's simply inaccurate. Maybe its cheaper for Hubspot, and Hubspot is going to start upcharging for this additional location data...? 


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I would like to voice my disapproval of this announcement. The "location" data is critical for me in the following ways:


  1. When I send an email to multiple recipients in multiple locations, I know who has and who has not opened the email based on the location
  2. I know where my contacts are - whether it be at the office, at home or on vacation and this information is useful for sales
  3. When my email is opened in multiple cities at the same time, I instantly know that it has been forwarded and then I can go back to my CRM to see which contacts are in those cities to connect the dots for a deeper campaign (this is critical when working with national clients with offices across the country)

Please reconsider this change as it drastically reduces the value of HubSpot for me and my clients on HubSpot.

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I can't speak for HubSpot, but I'm quite certain that there are two other causes that are actually driving the decision:


1. There's a huge issue around data privacy and the ethics of tracking such information without the reciever's consent (you can see the can of worms in this news about Superhuman:


2. There are also likely significant cost increases to be able to access this data


So when they say value, my interpretation is that what they're really saying is "given the increased direct costs and the reputation risk surrounding such data there's not enough value)


While I valued this feature as well, I also understand the rationale. And, when you consider the entire picture I'm not sure I could say that what they're doing is a mistake (let alone a big one).

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I also strongly disapprove of this important element and value which we NEED as part of our sales. We rely on the location data to discover where our prospect is located (ie out of the office, on the road, or sitting at his or her desk).


It is the most accurate way to see if an email has gotten real traction and been opened by multiple people or if it has been shared within a larger group.



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I totally agree that this service should be retained.  It has proven invaluable to me.

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Valuable insight. We certainly do not have enough information to assume the exact decision reasoning from HubSpot.


This is one of the features I use numerous time per day.

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I echo the comments. The location information, such that it is, helps me know when a message has traction. Location is one of the features of HubSpot that helped us make the decision to use it. It does not need to be 100% accurate but is demonstrates a conversation in various regions. PEASE REVERSE THIS DECISION TO REMOVE THE INFORMATION!

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Strongly opposed to the removal of the location detail. I don't understand your reasoning as you explained it. Did you ask any of your customers about the value proposition?


What I'm afraid of is that the reason you're removing this may not be the reason stated. No disrepect but it was very abrupt. My sense is that the large majority of users of the tool will agree with this sentiment.



HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi there, 


I'm Elise -- one of the product marketing managers here at HubSpot -- with a quick update on this. 


To start, thank you all for sharing your feedback and voicing your concerns. We always try to strike a balance between giving our customers the tools they want and being mindful of the impact those tools have on their audience. While email tracking is a valuable tool, we believe that tracking location data doesn’t improve the email recipient’s experience, and it feels out of step with evolving consumer expectations around privacy.

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Hi Elise!


How do you intend on differentiating between opens from unique recipients?


Why does the hypothetcial recipient potential view of the functionality outweigh the value proposition for your paying customers?


Is this the beginning of a larger trend to eliminate all sales intelligence from your platform?