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New social networks & multiple image posts on Instagra,

I was wondering if Hubspot was looking to add new social networks to the social scheduling tool, such as Pinterest, Tumblr or for blog publishing medium, reddit, mix etc. It would also be helpful to be able to be able to post multiple image posts on Instagram, I can't find a way to do that at the moment

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Hi, This is something that my clients are all assuming works since it's a great way to engage and attract. I see multiple posts about the same idea, and if you add all the upvotes and comments it's clear that we are alot of users who want the product team to prioritize this. 


We NEED to be able to schedule more than one image on Instagram at a time. It's super inconvenient having to pick and choose which posts I'm able to schedule on HubSpot and which need to be posted day-of on the platform.