New social networks & multiple image posts on Instagra,

I was wondering if Hubspot was looking to add new social networks to the social scheduling tool, such as Pinterest, Tumblr or for blog publishing medium, reddit, mix etc. It would also be helpful to be able to be able to post multiple image posts on Instagram, I can't find a way to do that at the moment

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Yes! Pinterest integration would be amazing! It would also rock to be able to post multiple Instagram photos and stories via HS. Right now, we are quite limited in how we use HS for Instagram and have to use the native app for tons of features.

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Social integrations should definitely offer all the same functions that the apps do! Please make this change!

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Hubspot needs social media integration functions. Please make the change! 

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Yes. We ran into this today. Supporting multiple photos and tagging would be very helpful. Not sure if this is an API issue or not.

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Although we can post multiple images to Facebook and Twitter, this option isn't available on Instagram.

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Yes to all of this. The instagram and facebook limitations are  crippling.

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Need to be able to post Instagram videos too!  This would then be a truly dominant social media scheduler.

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I would need to post multiple pictures to Linkedin as well.