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New social networks & multiple image posts on Instagra,

I was wondering if Hubspot was looking to add new social networks to the social scheduling tool, such as Pinterest, Tumblr or for blog publishing medium, reddit, mix etc. It would also be helpful to be able to be able to post multiple image posts on Instagram, I can't find a way to do that at the moment

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Yes! Pinterest integration would be amazing! It would also rock to be able to post multiple Instagram photos and stories via HS. Right now, we are quite limited in how we use HS for Instagram and have to use the native app for tons of features.


Social integrations should definitely offer all the same functions that the apps do! Please make this change!


Hubspot needs social media integration functions. Please make the change! 


Yes. We ran into this today. Supporting multiple photos and tagging would be very helpful. Not sure if this is an API issue or not.


Although we can post multiple images to Facebook and Twitter, this option isn't available on Instagram.


Yes to all of this. The instagram and facebook limitations are  crippling.

Miembro | Partner

Need to be able to post Instagram videos too!  This would then be a truly dominant social media scheduler.


I would need to post multiple pictures to Linkedin as well.


I've been trying to get someone's attention re: multi-image posts on IG for YEARS!! Really hope HubSpot starts advocating for their users on this. The only feedback I ever recieve is that IG's API doesn't allow it. But, that's not entirely true becasue there are other third party scheduling platforms that have the capability to schedule multi-image posts for IG. Someone please help us with this!!!


This is a great suggestion. My team would also like the ability to post to Tumblr and Pinterest from HubSpot.


Instagram multi-photo ability PLEASE! ASAP. It is available on other platforms. I lose all metrics on these posts because I cannot post through hubspot... Ridiculous. 


Yes.  Can Hubspot please fix this issue? We just joined Hubspot and this going to cause us major issues.  We cannot make all of our posts through Hubspot which will impact our ability to view important data. 


Carousel / album uploads for Instagram posts is still badly needed in March of 2021. Hootsuite internal reporting shows carousel post types on average get 1.4x reach and 3.1x engagement [1]. 


For anyone else viewing this issue, Facebook does make this silly difficult. Hubspot is required to register for the Graph API and they have separate restrictions for Normal Users vs Business vs Creator IG accounts. For business accounts (I'm assuming 90%+ of the use case for folks in this forum) they then are required to use the IG Media endpoint [2] which is what currently has the publishing restriction to not allow children IG media objects. 


Seeing as how certain companies seemingly have somehow gotten permission from Facebook to schedule & post carousel post types via API, I'm assuming someone on the Hubspot/Facebook liason team should be able to strike a similar deal. Hubspot drives crazy amounts of ad traffic for Facebook, how can that not be used leverage into getting access to the Carousel endpoint [3]? If those companies are lying or just using a push notification workaround.... there's not a lot Hubspot can do here. 


I'm not currently aware of a good workaround. However, there's a couple things that make this "ok": 
1. Links aren't allowed in IG captions so the shortened Hubspot URL wasn't going to help here

2. Hubspot is still able to pull social engagement stats on posts, even if you don't post them through the platform. As far as I'm aware, there are no downsides, but someone please chime in if there are known tradeoffs.
3. Hubspots image sizing & editing interface is worse than the IG app (sorry Hubspot, it needs work). Multiplied across multiple images of varying  sizes.... it's easier currently to do in the IG app.
4. You can use Facebook's Creator Studio to schedule posts (it's free)

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This would be an amazing integration HubSpot team 🙂


+1 the ability to post multiple photos should be base functionality to be honest


What is the status on implementing publishing multiple pictures to an Instagram post? This would save us a lot of time! Thanks!

HubSpot Employee

Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

Would love an update to this.

Understand that the feature is marked as delivered here:

However, this is somehwat incomplete since we are still limited to 4 images on certain platforms which are different from the actual limit.

For example: 

Facebook provides more than 10+ pic

Instagram provides 10 pic

LinkedIn provides 9 pic

Twitter provides 4 pic

Can we try to have limitations that closely match the above?

Thank you!


I absolutely agree- seems like an easy module to code- when will this be applied? Galleries are a large a part of our recaps and this page is a display stopper.


Also upvoting the request to add multiple image functionality from Hubspot through to Instagram.

Colaborador | Partner nivel Diamond

I can see that this has been a wish for many years. And it seems like it will never gonna happen. Therefore I have posted the idea that when have made the post on e.g. Facebook or Instagram then it should be possible to Clone the post in HubSpot. If you think it is a step on the way to get a useful solution, please upvote here: