New sequence management tool is a regression

Hi Hubspot teams and community members


Recently, I had the bad surprise to discover the new sequence management system.

What a regression from the previous one to manage your sequences.


In the former one, it was easy to update a template, you just had to search it in your template left elements and drag&drop it on the current step where you wished to replace it.

Now, you have to delete the step (yes yes it's true, you need to break a sequence to update it) to then add the new one. In the process, you loose the time period of the step and you need to make sure to add the new template at the correct steps, as all your previous sequence steps will have been shifted in the order. VERY VERY Error prone and time consuming.

There's no simple way (that I've been able to find easily) to simply click and update a template with an existing one.


Also, by default, the sequence view is collapsing most of the email templates, so that you're not able to make sure the sequence is coherent. You have to expand each and every email template every time you open it if you want to make sure everything is fine. 

I perfectly understand that you could want to collapse everything to have a view of the subject and overall consistency but here it's half and half, achieving none of the 2 important goals:

- general timeframe and subject in collapsed view

- detailed consistency in expanded view.