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New feature: Bulk Merge for Duplicates

Yas, we've got the feature of manage duplicates that's great. One thought is there's no way to bulk merge of contact and company duplicates, and you'll need to go through one by one manually. 


I'm wondering if there's a better way for us instead of deduplicating one by one, which is literally unrealistic for enterprise users with mass contacts. In our case, we have 1890 duplicates for contacts, which requires going through 1890 times of deduplicates.


New feature request: Bulk Merge 

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July 31, 2020 06:18 AM

Hi, @neil2 that's an interesting request. I just flagged it with the Salesforce Sync team. Is there a reason their dashboards can't help you solve that issue? 


@willerdmann I'm sorry you feel that way. The long response time to this issue is on me. If you want to discuss more I'm happy to set up some time to chat.

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July 29, 2020 02:53 PM

Hey HubSpot community,


Our team has investigated this issue and decided not to work on this feature in the next quarter or two. We will revisit after that. Our current tool needs some work to be reliable before we can add new features (you may see some big reliability changes coming soon). 


We want to do bulk merge right and don't feel we are in a good position to do so at this current moment. Additionally, we have many app partners who can perform this service at higher volumes. I am happy to go into the logic more if you all have questions.


I personally have talked to many people experiencing this issue. Reliability concerns are just as big as bulk merge and I'm very hesitant to introduce a bad product experience around destructive actions. I don't believe that is the customer experience you all deserve. 

In Planning
May 20, 2020 01:27 PM

Hi Community! 


I'm going to move this to "In Planning" our team is looking into the best way to deliver on quicker merging. I will update the issue when we know more. 



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Please add this, it will save a massive amount of time.


Hey, we still don't have this, we have an account that manages 6 countries and it turns out Hubspot limits to 2k duplicates the list. List is already full.


This is definitely still a huge need. I have the bulk merge functionality in NetSuite so I agree that it saves a TON of time. When our integration sometimes goes wacky, having a quick way to fix  duplicates en mass would help tons. 

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I'm sure it has been mentioned before but is an awesome tool for this. I used it with a few of my clients and only needed it for a short amount of time.  The cost is relative to how large your database is. 


This is a must. Spend way too much time sorting through duplicates. 


Hi @ianleaman ! Any update on this? 


Recently signed up and missing this as well. Imported a huge list which created a company record for each contact, we edited all the contact data but companies is a mess. 


We just move to AIRCALL and it creates a new contact for each new number / new call not identify

WE really really need to get this option , this is a must please


Because we have a lot of contact with 3 contacts and with same phone number? mobile number or fix number 




I found this app INSYCLE that seems to be the best at data cleaning... have not tried yet since my superior did not authorize it yet but looks to be a good fit for the job


Honnestly it is better that Hubspot try to find a fix in order to get the BULK MERGE possible or possibility to MERGE contact from :


* their phone number

* their name



We need to choose which attribute hubspot has to check to see if we want to merge or not the contact


this is a must


please hubpost super dev could you make something for it?

the idea to go to install a component with need to pay again is not thre best solution for us



This feature is included in all other CRM


Any update on being able to merger or delete duplicates?


Any update on this? Could really use a faster way to merge our 2000 duplicate contacts.....


Please consider working on this...would save lots of time.  Thank you.


Any updates from HS on this? 


Wild that this isn't an option.  Any update?  Tons of comments over two years, please tell us there is an end in sight!  Even just give us the option to approve the merge from the "Review/Dismiss" page so we don't have to open each individual contact (x thousands)...


This would be a fabulous function to have. We're about to have to merge a few hundred companies...

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This is sorely needed. I have a list of 600+ dupe contacts that I want to merge, and needless to say, I do not want to have to do it manually.

Does anyone know of any tools we can use to bulk merge contacts?


@elanashama I actually did  looked into the Dedupely app HubSpot has in the marketplace but haven't tried it out yet. Looks like it may do what we need, same as you, bulk merge.  Trying to wait until the new year to buy it though. Our database is a hot mess hahaha so I don't think I can wait on HubSpot to make an inhouse version 🙁

It HS wants to alert me to the fact that I have duplicates, and they want to charge me thousands of dollars a year, it should be a standard feature and not an add-on.
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thanks @esteeratliff