New feature: Bulk Merge for Duplicates

Yas, we've got the feature of manage duplicates that's great. One thought is there's no way to bulk merge of contact and company duplicates, and you'll need to go through one by one manually. 


I'm wondering if there's a better way for us instead of deduplicating one by one, which is literally unrealistic for enterprise users with mass contacts. In our case, we have 1890 duplicates for contacts, which requires going through 1890 times of deduplicates.


New feature request: Bulk Merge 

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Yes, I completely agree.  Even if you could select the right account from the list rather than having to click each one and go to a 2nd screen to identify the target and merge. Just list them side by side in a list where you can select all and edit the ones that don't default correctly.

For example,  Stanford University [ ]       Stanford University [ ]    

                          ABC Company         [ ]        ABC Company    [ ]


You could have 100 companies on a page, select all, scan the list and make the appropriate changes then select merge.  Even with machine learning, you have to have a selection process.  The way itis now creates a bottleneck when you have to go to the next screen on each account.


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Supporting the idea of bulk merge! it would be a pain to go through the duplicates one by one when the data is huge.

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Please make this happen! 

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Upvoting this on behalf of a customer! It'd be great if there's an option to do this - something as simple as checkboxes next to the pair of duplicates and a reminder message (e.g. "You're about to dismiss/merge 50 contacts") will be really useful to speed up this process Smiley Happy

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I'm going through 1300+ duplicates and I can't believe there's no bulk merge.

PLEASE implement it!

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YES PLEASE. I have several thousand dups to parse through and while I'm in merging **bleep** right now, this would be a great feature to have for anyone else that has this problem.

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I can't believe this isn't an option. We just moved from Salesforce and there are many duplicates.  I cannot figure out why there isn't a mechanism to detect this and solve.



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If you’re open to using a third-party app, check out the new App Marketplace for solutions. I work for Insycle and with our app you can identify duplicates by any field and bulk merge them using flexible rules to make sure the right master record is picked. You can also generate a CSV report of the duplicates, run bulk merge in “Preview” before they go live, and automate the deduplication process.


HubSpot built an open platform to help businesses discover tools, improve customer experiences, and grow better. As part of HubSpot's "all-on-one" platform, the Insycle product complements and augments customer data management in HubSpot.


Here is a short video showing how the Insycle deduplication process works.