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New feature: Bulk Merge for Duplicates

Yas, we've got the feature of manage duplicates that's great. One thought is there's no way to bulk merge of contact and company duplicates, and you'll need to go through one by one manually. 


I'm wondering if there's a better way for us instead of deduplicating one by one, which is literally unrealistic for enterprise users with mass contacts. In our case, we have 1890 duplicates for contacts, which requires going through 1890 times of deduplicates.


New feature request: Bulk Merge 

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We need this bulk dup merge feature. We waste way too much time merging records one by one. 


Can we at least get it so that you can select two to merge from a contacts list and merge without having to go in to one contact and then go find the other contact and click merge, very slow,


Needs more features at the top level,

for example being able to select contacts and just select to add to the don't log emails 'exclude' list


YES! Would really like this as well. We don't want to make time to merge one by one.


Agree - Definitely need bulk merge tool. 

In the interim - If not ready for bulk merge yet, perhaps:


1 - multiple select tool - which allows to tick multiple contacts at once to merge or dismiss


Hi, we need this automatic Merge too.

We've got a lot of mails from a chat system with from-email-adresses with a specific pattern.

It would be nice to merge these contacts/conversations on arrival based on a rule.

If from-email like '' (regular expression) --> check part of the mailadress to match with existing mailadress via regular expression.

adress 1

adress 2

Thats the same contact.




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This would help with larger clients that have large amounts of data that need merging.


Definitely, this would be really helpful.  Also when we merge it would be nice to choose which account, we want to keep as the main account because currently, the main account will be the one that someone updated recently 


this is one of the reasons i upgrade to pro. i was told this was already available. 


Can we please have this implemented?


It's a bit daft that users have to spend hours manually combing through duplicates and merging by hand.


The whole idea of CRM is to boost productivity isn't it?


Yes please! quicker merging just by clicking one button instead of having the pop up, maybe on the duplicates page to display all the contact data you can see in the pop up and click the one you want to keep or dismiss. Also in other merge community posts please merge all the data, deals, together into one so nothing is lost in the merge.


I'd like to see an export feature for duplicates.


If not this , how baout PREVENTING DUPLICATES in the first place!?!?!?  One or the other.. NOW!!!!


Hey Hubspot Product Team, 

Do you have any update on this feature? 
I would love to see this implementation asap as my number of duplicates is growing and will not stop. 



I am notified I have over 1800 duplicate companies.  In going through them one by one, I find that most of them are the same handful of companies: Riteaid, Riteaid of New York, CVS, and so on.  Each of these duplicate comparisions has only one or two contacts associated with them, though over the course of the many same company merges, there must be many, many contacts from one company.  Many of these do not seem to have a domain.


I don't know what the difficulties are in merging these automatically, but I wonder what happens if I ignore the duplicates and just live with the fact there are too many duplicates to manually fix.  Is this a problem?  How about some education from the experts here, eh?


@ianleaman Is there an update on this?  The current manual merging functionality is incredibly time-consuming and is seriously impacting our productivity. This is clearly a widespread issue for Hubspot users and is a major barrier for onboarding into Hubspot. 


The ideal setup for us would be to check all the records we want to merge together in a view (similar to the bulk delete), and to select one of them as a master record. When the merge occurs, properties in the final record should default to the value from the master record. For properties that are blank in the master, the final record should take the most recently updated value from all the other records.  




Has there been an update on this?


This feature is definitely required.

We can't check duplicates one by one. But there is another drawback and that is that the contacts to be deduplicated may be in Workflows or Active Lists.

We should be able to obtain a list of these active contacts to work on it manually and the rest automatically,  guaranteeing data and reliability at all times.


Literally it is a huge ask for my time to go through nearly 1300 dupe contact records - that Hubspot is charging my organization monthly for since we're above the contact tier - and review each one individually. That was part of my very first tech job that I was being paid a full time salary for a handful of years ago - to merge dupe contact records for a startup CRM company that later got acquired by Cisco. That shouldn't be a part of my job now, especially when I am paying Hubspot a subscription fee. I really hope Hubspot releases a fix for this soon.


This is a much needed feature, we have just under 2000 companies that needs to be merged. Should be a default function in all CRM systems imh


I can't believe this isn't a feature. As a newer user to Hubspot, coming from the world of Salesforce, this must become a reality. We totally need mass/bulk merge and delete please!