New default option for personalization tokens

Issue: Let's say I want to share a bulleted list of products someone is eligible to get, that is personalized to that person. Some people on my list may be eligible for as many as six products, while others may only get one. In HubSpot today if I imported all those people, the ones who had only one product would see one product, and then five lines of blank space in their email. To avoid the blank space, I'd have to set up 6 different lists and emails, one for people who have one product, one for people with two, etc.


Solution: HubSpot could offer a default option for personalization tokens that is a "remove space" option. So, if no value is found for a token, the space the token was taking up gets removed. Then, 1 email and 1 list would work, and no one would get empty blank space.

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This would be super helpful!

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Looking for the same thing!