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New UI is not accessible

Decreased font size and collapsed view are not accesible for those with vision impairments. While this was "just a UI change" and not a functional change, that doesn't mean the way a user functions within the platform won't change.


It also removed efficiencies by having to constantly expand activities, which again are in a tiny font I cannot read without maxing out the front size of my browser. I'll eventually re-train my muscle memory to know where the link is, and I'll eventually get used to having to expand all notes and will get my pace back up. But the current UI shows an able-bodied bias.

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This is a MAJOR problem which Hubspot needs to immediately address.  The right, "company" column was until only recently, able to be minimized when not needed (and it rarely is).  Now the more critical Activity feed is difficult to access and use--font is tinier because of the additional--and unneeded-width of this right column.  Emails/notes that were formerly readable without expanding are impossible to read without doing so.  Subject titles of emails are not, even with expanding, entirely available (I often need to cut and paste those and now not possible.


I do not have a visual processing problem but this new format taxes anyone's eyes--waaaay to much visual clutter with this expanded width third column, with no ability to collaspse or minimize.  Until last Friday, April 9th, this right-hand column was able to be minimized.  The change in this ability was clearly very recent and should be changed back. 


Very negative impact upon work flow--please rethink this.  Like right away.