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New Rep - Chat availability defaults to Available. Please default to unavailable.

Good morning.


When a new employee is added to our HubSpot account their chat status is automatically set to "available."  


There are varying departments in our company and I am not always aware of when a new employee is added or not. 


However, when they are added, HubSpot defaults their chat status to "available."


Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 11.15.20 AM.png


Without being aware of this, I was not able to change them to unavailable. Therefore customers were trying to chat with us during non-business hours and they were not getting a reply. This caused them to become very frustrated. 


It would be very beneficial if the status was automatically set to "unavailable" so this accident wouldn't happen.


Thank you for your consideration.



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From my perspective, i would look at the way your chat/inboxes as setup and restrict the people who will chat with customers there. It is there you can also specify the chat to be active only for certain hours, which might be good since you mentioned there are certain business hours when chat support is available. 


For people to be available or unavailable is not something that is easily controlled long term because of the way the function works. It is better to have the control/settings at the chat/inbox level imo. 

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@KarthikC  - I don't disagree with you. And maybe I explained it incorrectly?


However, what I am referring to is when a new employee/rep is first given a HubSpot account, the chat feature is automatically switched "on."  I would like the default to be off.  It seems like a very simple switch.  


But of course, on a day to day basis we need to have complete control at the chat/inbox level.