New Property Type: Relationship (1-1, 1-N and N-N)



Our use case:

Various records are related to each other but we miss the ability to represent that correctly in the CRM because we miss "relationship" field/property type. A deal may be related to multiple contacts, each one having a different role on it. A contact may be related to multiple deals. Today, we can only associate contacts to deals but can't know why is this contact associated with this deal.


Our suggestion:

We need the full stack of "relationship". The thing built for a proper relational database, like in Salesforce for example. 



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A big +1 for this feature. We have the same situation. Many of collaborations are with or our referrals come from contacts associated with a project (deal) even though they may not be our "customer" on the project. In practice, any given job may have multiple contacts who are not the actual customer. A common scenario for us would be a fabrication we do for a designer or architect with the business relationship running through the contractor. We want to be able to track all of the relationships to this deal: designer, architect, contractor, end client and so on.
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@ Hubstpot: and easy and great step ahead would be to create a new type of deal property called "Contact Relationship". You can think about it as a dropdown list, where the list is not hard coded values but all the table of existing contacts. 


We really really need this.