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I just went to add an image into a social media post and noticed that the image editor has completely changed. Instead of having all of the functionality that we used to have, we now can only crop and resize (and that doesn't work all that well).


Will a new image editor be available with more functionality? Maybe a third party application at least to give us more functionality?

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I am shocked that no one from HubSpot has even acknowledged this thread yet.


HubSpot - Please let us know when the photo editor will be fixed! We deserve an answer ASAP.


Thank you!

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Come on, Hubspot. Take this seriously!  At least reply to your customers who are paying for your service. 


The decision to change the photo editor was a massive downgrade in functionality and, as an agency partner, I offered that service as a key selling point.  Now, my clients are wondering why I'm not delivering on promises I made them.  


Give me a good reason to explain to my managed clients why I can't make good on my promise.