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New HubSpot property for contacts that have hard-bounced?

It would be great if there was an easy way to build a smart list of only contacts who have hard-bounced and are not eligible to recieve email. Currently, it doesn't look like there is a way to use list filters to create such a list.


My company just started using SalesForce and half of the information they imported is junk. It would be very beneficial if I could supply a list of hard-bounced email addresses back to SalesForce administrators to help them clean up the mess and on the flip receive much cleaner lists to do campaigns with from them in the beginning.

Regular Contributor

Completely agree.  With HubSpot using a pay-per-lead model, it's really frustrating to find that there isn't a robust system for handing hard-bounces.


We manage a pretty popular marketing blog with tons of content and get a fair share of "" emails which, because there's no automated way to handle these fake contacts, we pay for montly.


Please fix this HubSpot.  This solution doesn't scale.

Occasional Contributor

 Totally agree we need this