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Does anyone else really dislike the new format HubSpot launched?  

HubSpot updates
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Every user in my office has been screaming over the update all morning. 


There should be a revert option to use the previous layout, similar to how Microsoft still lets users have a 98 style interface.

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strongly agree

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Yes it is extremely annoying.  It doesn't show the right information without a lot of clicks.


Additionally it takes longer to actually record data in the new layout versus the old. 


Very frustrated with the new layout

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It just shows what utter disregard HubSpot has for its users when it does something like this. The new record view for Deals and contacts does not work well with our workflow. 


It's fine to make design changes, but a service provider like HubSpot, to which we pay thousands of dollars each year, should always offer the chance to stay with the current version. 

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agree with @erichauser !! for how much we pay hubspot we should be able to stick with previous format. 

or at least hubspot could have put some more thought into it, from the perspective of someone that actually uses hubspot contact records daily. 


-the new layout is WAY too busy. all your info is compacted and squished in - not easily readable

- you now have to scroll up and down 3 columns rather than one. 

-when you start a call task queue, the call box pops up and you cant get rid of it, its right in the way of the info you need

-when setting a task, you now have more clicks to add/edit... why the dropdown for "details" - thats just one extra click? 


wheres the common sense for good clear layouts that are easy to read and navigate. i dont understand why hubspot has made it harder rather than easier? 





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Honestly. What year is it that we don't have the option to roll back to previous versions?