New Filter Option: combine page viewed X times with timeframe (in the last Y hours/days/months)

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Dear Hubspot-Team,




I was preparing a workflow and I just noticed that there is no option to

enroll user that viewed a page with a certain URL-(type) a certain no. of

times in a certain timeframe. It would be great if in the future there will

be any possibility to filter this! It will make it possible to target users

more precise e.g. distinguish between people spending a lot of time looking

at different products or if they just click one time and leave, because

they are not really interested.

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

 This same idea would be amazing to have in the smart list tool as well. Many times I am tasked with finding all contacts who have viewed X amount of pages in the past Y number of days/weeks.


Would love if HubSpot allowed for this kind of segmentation!

New Contributor

Yes strongly agree above thoughts, and truly need this feature.