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New Field Type - Multiple text values (list)



There are already multiple choise field types but I want user to be able to set the value of the fields themselves. 


In my case I need an object to contain a property where the user can enter multiple id numbers. Id numbers are unique in each case and that makes a multiple checkbox useless. 


Example 1 - Cars

Best case I can use to show examples whould be to say that a company or a contact might own cars. The cars will be different for different objects and we might want to set the license plate numbers for each object. 


Object A:

Property: "Owned cars - license plates"

ABC123, BCD456, CDF789 (array of 3 values)


Object B

Property: "Owned cars - license plates"

FFE248, WWE398 (array of 2 values)


Object C

Property: "Owned cars - license plates"

TEX999 (array of 1 values)


Example 2 - Tags

Sometimes you might want to apply tags to your objects free of choise. Just like any facebook- or twitterpost. In this case objects would be able to have tags with more flexible options in each case. 


Object 1:

Property: Hashtags

happyandyouknowit, loveHubSpot, imgoingnuts (array of 3 strings)


Object 2:

Property: Hashtags

happyandyouknowit, waiting for my cool idea to be published (array of 2 strings)



So when creating a new property for any kind of object I want a new "Field type" with the ability to have multiple free of choice values. I do understand its more recomended for structure to use a pre-set multiple choise option but sometimes (like above) its not possible. 






Also want it available in the API as an array output. 


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