New Feature - Add Alt Text to Featured Images

Hi, It would be useful to have the ability to easily add alt text to blog 'featured images'. At the moment there is no field to add alt text to featured images and the workarounds Hubspot suggests aren't optimal. For example: 1) This fix will only pull through the title / name of the article (rather than specially written alt text) and does not display the alt text when you hover over the image. 2) Removing the featured image and replacing it with an image at the top of the 'body' text does enable you to add alt text, however, the image disappears from the blog 'listing page' making it much less aesthetic / clean. I would think this is quite a common issue for those trying to optimise alt text on their sites so hopefully if enough people have this problem, a fix / new feature can be implemented. Thanks, John
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I'm shocked this has been an issue for over 2 years. No alt text option on feature images? Is this even a CMS? I'm a big proponent of Hubspot but this is a glaring oversight.

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@BenPutano it is my understanding that an idea needs at least 50 upvotes before HubSpot will review - best thing we can do is share with our teams and get more votes.