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Hi, It would be useful to have the ability to easily add alt text to blog 'featured images'. At the moment there is no field to add alt text to featured images and the workarounds Hubspot suggests aren't optimal. For example: 1) This fix will only pull through the title / name of the article (rather than specially written alt text) and does not display the alt text when you hover over the image. 2) Removing the featured image and replacing it with an image at the top of the 'body' text does enable you to add alt text, however, the image disappears from the blog 'listing page' making it much less aesthetic / clean. I would think this is quite a common issue for those trying to optimise alt text on their sites so hopefully if enough people have this problem, a fix / new feature can be implemented. Thanks, John
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I have 56 pages with missing alt tags on images - each with mulitple featured images (from 1-17) and it makes it difficult to find other issues when trying to clean up our SEO.


Because many HubSpot partners use the blog engine to create content libraries for clients, the featured image is not just showing up on blog listing pages where posts are pulled through, but actually hurting content pages because those featured images do not have an alt tag.


It seems simple enough to add a "Featured Image Alt Text" box below the featured image in the settings dialog.

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Agreed. It would be easier to have that feature as part of the UI.


If you get to funky on customizing the posts or listings templates, you can run into these "ALT tag" issues.


Currently, we are using a pretty simple custom module for this. On "posts" pages, we call the Featured Image and have custom module to additionally call any ALT tag we choose -- not just the blog title. The module UI shows on any Posts edit page:


Here's the module:


{% if content.post_list_summary_featured_image %}
        <div class="hs-featured-image-wrapper">
            <a href="{{content.absolute_url}}" title="" class="hs-featured-image-link">
                <img src="{{ content.post_list_summary_featured_image }}" alt="{{ widget.contentfeatured_image_alt_text }}" class="hs-featured-image">
{% endif %}



Widget field:

{{ widget.contentfeatured_image_alt_text }}




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Thanks @JohnPate - because of the way ours are setup, it would be lot of work to rework the COS pages to have the widget ILO the HubL code they were setup with.


I'm still finding this to be an issue with our site audits, we have numerous pages that pull 'posts' into 'listing' pages - on the posts, all the images have alt tags, but the featured image being pulled through to the listing page isn't pulling the alt tag.


I'm digging into the code to see if there is a similar solution, but think this really needs to be a UI improvement.

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A similar feature was recently added to CTA images, so I'd like to think an option for adding alt text to featured images is coming soon. If not, it should be. I never thought I'd say Wordpress is better than HubSpot, but in this case, WordPress makes adding alt text to just about any image super simple—without the need for any special code or custom modules. 

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Agreed! This would be great to have. I have just convert the blog tool to the beta version of Hubspot's new blog tool. Not sure if they have fix it in the new version?

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Google places a relatively high value on alt text to determine not only what is on the image but also the topic of the surrounding text, hence SEO optimization.


Just include a checkbox, customized alt text? When checked, show input field for users to type in the desired alt text.

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Completely agree! 

I love Hubspot but some of the gaps that have been left out of the user experience have me just completely baffled.

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Yeah, this should definitely be a feature. And to be honest, the fact it was never added when they originally developed their "CMS" is mind boggling. Every CMS I've ever worked in allows you to set the alt text when uploading the image to the media library/files section (wherever the images live) or as you're adding it to the page. You can easily add alt text to an image added in the post body, but nothing for featured images. I just don't get it. 

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Definitely need this! Completely agree that I was surprised, there was no place to add alt text to an image file

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We just had an SEO audit and this issue was identified. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!

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I'm shocked this has been an issue for over 2 years. No alt text option on feature images? Is this even a CMS? I'm a big proponent of Hubspot but this is a glaring oversight.

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@BenPutano it is my understanding that an idea needs at least 50 upvotes before HubSpot will review - best thing we can do is share with our teams and get more votes.