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New Custom Property Type: Lookup (with hyperlink to record)

Hi! It would be great to have a (hyperlinked) lookup property type as an option for custom properties so that a user can reference a Contact record already in the database, and click on it to navigate directly to the Contact record (similar to how Associated Contacts work today). 


Use Case: We want to track Companies/Contacts that referred a prospect on a Deal record. It's important for us to track this because we reward Customers that refer prospects to us.  Having the ability to lookup an existing Contact to choose as the value in a custom property  as the Referrer, and the ability to click on that Contact name and their assoiciated Company and go right to that record means (1) less room for error in choosing the correct Contact and (2) less time/clicks to get to the record if a user wants to see more detail about that Company/Contact that referred the prospect (from a Deal record).

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I upvote for this idea.


Use case: we identify one or two 'Primary point of contact' for each organisation. This is a custom attribute at the contact level but it's difficult to identify who they are when looking at the Company record. The lookup property will allow us to include the Primary Point of contact at the Company level without to mannually type their names with chances of spelling mistakes and limited reporting functionalities.


I also support the hyperlink idea to help the Account Manager to click on the contact name and access quickly the customer records.

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I think the lookup requires firs the "Link to another record" property. 


Hope you don't mind, I created another idea as I think it has more chance to get upvoted. I'd add yours below:


Salesforce and other notable CRM's offer Lookup and Rollup functionality. These field types are labor-saving for all users. HubSpot users: Vote for this feature request. 


YES!!!! Please create this. It's just like a HubSpot User property type, but references the contacts database.


If it helps anyone, this request for a Lookup functionality in HS has more votes --


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This is heavily needed in order for HubSpot CRM to be categorized as an Enterprise-solution


Same. we would use it to add executive assistant since you cant associate two contact records.