New CTA UI has lost the color palette in the color picker: please restore

The new CTA interface has a color picker, but it's missing the option to select colors from the account's color palette, which is configured in content settings. Instead, users must pick a color from a slider or enter a HEX value.


Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 12.04.26.png


This is a serious regression, and is going to cause problems for all of our content creators, who will have to look up the HEX values every time they want to create a CTA matching our corporate color scheme, and inevitably they will just end up asking me. I expect this will be a problem for most HubSpot users who have a corporate color palette.


Easy color selection is an essential part of what makes CTAs easy to create and use. Until the color palette is restored, the CTA UI is not fit for purpose.


Can the HubSpot product team please restore this lost functionality?



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I have the same problem with this new version of the CTA. And on the email. What happened to the color picker?


I've been waiting for Hubspot to notice this issue and fix it for months. Still nothing. Come on Hubspot. FIX this. Why did you take away the color picker on CTAs and other elements. It's a hassle to have to look up the correct Hex code every time. 


no color picker..png

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Hi, ShariM. Thanks for your support. Would you please upvote my idea, to help bring it to the attention of HubSpot's product team. Thanks.

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It looks like Hubspot has fixed this. The color picker is back (now called "Favorites")!


Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.58.29.png