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Never Log for Meetings and Calendar sync

In order to use the meetings tool, you have to use the Google Calendar Integration. Unfortunately, this syncs ALL meetings, including internal meetings that have no reason to be in the CRM and this generates inaccurate reporting. 


A couple of ideas to solve:

  • Add some HubSpot plugin to the calendar booking similar to the log/track settings in Gmail. 
  • Add additional rules in setup to define what meetings are logged 
  • A blocklist similar to what's available for logging emails ("Never Log" list under Sales Settings) 
  • Add some admin tools to turn off certain users from logging/tracking 
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February 12, 2024 11:12 AM

Hi everyone,


I’m Melissa, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Meetings tool.

Currently, the only meetings that will be logged to HubSpot through calendar sync are meetings that have at least one CRM contact as an attendee. At this time, the team does not have plans to provide more options for which meetings do not get logged.


This is not to say that this idea will never be developed, just that there are no plans to do so at this time. I would still love to continue to get feedback in this thread and learn more about your use cases for meetings with contacts that you do not want to be synced to HubSpot. Learning more about these use cases could help with future planning.



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It is an excellent feature to be able to selectively choose to log an email that one is creating in MS Outlook.  It would be outstanding to similarly be able to selectively log a meeting invitation that is created and sent via Outlook.


@dpurdy - you mean in such a way that the meeting will be registered in HubSpot as a meeting on the specified time and with the specified participants? In that case we would really value that feature as well!

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Great Idea and I'm very surprised this topic has not received a lot of awareness as it seems. Excluding internal events from HubSpot logging would be greately beneficial to keep HS Meetings and Calendars clean.


This is the same using the Outlook 365 integration. If I'm looking at a report of upcoming meetings, I only care about external/prospect meetings that require my preparation. A report filter would suffice for this functionality.


We need this. +1

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Yes, please, we want this asap


I have the same problem. I would like to get insights on how many meetings my team is booking on a weekly/monthly basis but that data on the dashboard is inaccurate because internal meetings are also included.  Now I can not sync my Google Calendar as it shows external and internal meetings.


We were hoping to transfer our internal sales process to HubSpot but have come across this problem and we are shocked that there is not a solution. Once Google has been integrated, Hubspot isn't filtering out certain contacts when we are scheduling meetings with them, even though they are on the 'never log' list. So sensitive information with internal and external contacts is appearing in the team's activity report. This is a deal-breaker for us. We would love to proceed but cannot until this is fixed. Please provide a solution Hubspot!!!


This is a serious HR violation and breaches the privacy of employees. Meeting of one employee with another employee(s) MUST not be logged into the CRM. Immediately need a fix.


yes this is needed to stop clouding reporting of # meetings per week by Rep


Yes, really need to have a way to block these meetings from being pulled in


Bump. This needs a fix.

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Yes, would really need this. Suprised that the ability to choose which ones to log doesn't apply to calendar events / meetings.

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Upvoting on behalf of a customer! Would be great if (similar to form editor) there's an option to exclude domains from logging meetings to contact record. This would allow HubSpot's meetings tool to be used for finding free meeting slots internally too


Bump +1 for Microsoft365



Internal and 1-1 meetings really need to be excluded from tracking! This should be de facto!


This problem also applies to Office 365 connections. (Outlook Calendar). We have all our staff in HubSpot as contacts so if we set-up calendar sync and then ALL appointments for ALL staff end up in HubSpot - this is security risk around the information that is in the appointments.


To make matters worse, sync is on by default and it is not clear in the connection process that this will happen. Have spent hours deleting all the appointments that were created through this problem


Yes, this needs to happen for MS Office calendar syncing too - if a user's email is put to never log their calendar entries should be too, it's a risk if there is anything sensitive being discussed internally to have visibility to everyone across HubSpot


Please implement for Outlook calendars. Right now our timelines are getting spammed with future meetings, and what notes can you take from a meeting that has not happened yet? 


Bump +1 for Microsoft365