Nesting folder functionality to better organize landing pages and emails

Currently, we are able to create single folders in order to organize the landing pages and emails. Is it possible to add the nesting functionality so that the landing pages and the emails can be organized in a better way?

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yes - very much need to be able to create sub-folders and to alphabetize the landing page folders.

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I've mentioned this before but I'll throw in again.


It is basically impossible to function without folders for workflows and forms.

It is basically impossible to function effectively without NEST FOLDERS IN VIEW for lists, LPs, emails, WFs, forms and files.

And basic folder hierarchy, renaming etc. should be a given Smiley Wink


You are killing me with the current content managers and the change to the list manager (which was the only one that was actually manageable).


IMHO of course (and with an instance that includes 150-1000 of the content typesSmiley Wink)